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A black palisade fence in front of a white industrial building

Prevent unauthorised access with perimeter security

To stop people accessing your grounds as well as your buildings, we supply a range of security fencing, including electric and sports fencing. They come in a range of colours, matching the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings.

For a seamless finish and faster installation, many of our fencing types can be installed through a post, rail and panel system.

Your security fencing can be fitted with anti-scale devices, to keep out even the most determined criminal.

A set of automatic gates

Automatic gates for pedestrians and vehicles

For new gates, we offer a surveyor visit, during which we will assess health and safety recommendations and potential integration with any security equipment you might already have.

Your new gates can come in many forms, including drive swing gates, slide gates, cantilever gates, sliding barrier gates, traffic barriers and anti-scale gates.

You may require pedestrian gates. We’re approved installers of Roto-Gate Entrance Systems, full-height turnstiles that keep out unauthorised personnel and withstand determined attacks.

A series of ram raid posts

Protect against ram raids

Ram raids are a serious threat, especially if your business involves high-value items such as jewellery or computer hardware.

We can protect you with anti-ram raid systems, including a range of bollards – collapsible, removable, lockable, manual rising, hinged, sliding, static, and automatically rising.

The systems are fully customisable to suit your business needs, and a lot cheaper than round-the-clock security personnel.

For perimeter security that protect against trespassers, thieves and attackers, call us today on 0121 327 7775

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