Doors for cold rooms and freezer rooms

Food companies have many special considerations to think about when making any decisions related to their factories, warehouses or other premises. If your business involves food, you will know that when it comes to choosing a new industrial door, it is often not as simple as just finding one that fits or looks nice.

Below we have some different options for you to consider when looking for a new industrial door for a cold room or freezer room.

Cold room doors

Cold room doors are specially designed for chilled and deep-freeze environments, using a particular set of materials and frame structures that have been found to be most effective.

Cold room door curtains can be designed with a single layer so that they prevent condensation build-up or a triple layer to minimise temperature loss. Which you go for is dependent on the needs of your business. Curtains can also be fitted with a window feature so that you have heightened safety due to staff being able to see oncoming traffic.

Infraca Cold Room Doors

The beauty of Infraca cold room doors is that they are rapid roll-up, thereby ensuring the essential components of the door and passageway do not become iced and therefore contain the cold temperature to only where you really need it. This model also boasts a frost-free system because it uses heating elements in its guides, motor and door blades. Even in negative temperature applications, the double heating system prevents ice formation, thereby keeping your door in good, functioning order at all times.

Giesse Cold Room Doors

Giesse cold room doors are high-speed doors that close quickly to reduce temperature loss and save you energy and therefore, money. Giesse Auto Frigo high-speed doors are specifically designed to provide your refrigerated areas with compartmentalisation so that you can easily maintain ideal temperatures in all areas. Another benefit to this model is that it also features an insulating material consisting of a double layer of polyester, for added benefit.

Nergeco C-Arctic 5 Cold Chain Door

The Nergeco C-Arctic 5 cold chain door has a single layer curtain with the added benefits of corrosion and paint-free materials within the structure. This curtain is adapted specifically for the food industry because it minimises the risk of contamination. This door is also very good for minimising your energy usage. It uses a just-in-time operating cycle which can reduce energy loss and consumption by up to 32%

Freezer Room Doors

The main option for freezer room doors is Nergeco. These offer de-icing systems for continual smooth operation. Most Nergeco cold chain doors use a direct drive motor with added deep-freeze grade lubrication and a de-icing system. These added features work together to ensure optimal performance in frozen food storage environments.


In this blog post, we’ve looked at options for cold room and freezer room doors. As you can see, there is much to think about! Hopefully, this has summed up your options for you. If you have any further questions or queries about which is the best choice for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.