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PVC strip curtains at the end of a corridor

Insulate with PVC strip curtains

PVC strip curtains can be very efficient at insulating your premises, and are easy to fit into your budget. While keeping out unwanted heat or bad weather, PVC strip curtains maintain free access, helping your workforce to be more efficient.

We offer ribbed PVC strip curtains for increased insulation, and special cold store PVC strip curtains for use in freezer areas. These curtains can also be fitted behind automatic doors, for insulation whilst open.

To make sure your staff can see the curtains, we’ll manufacture them with high-visibility edges.

See-through PVC strip curtains

Smoke and fire curtains

In the event of a fire, smoke and fire curtains can be lifesavers, protecting your workforce and your property.

The smoke curtains we’ll install are advanced but still affordable, providing cost-effective protection.

They are also fitted with a gravity fail safe, so that even if the power fails, your curtains can still be deployed.

For PVC curtains that provide cost-effective insulation, call us today on 0121 327 7775

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