Pharmaceutical doors

The pharmaceutical industry uses special doors. Cleanrooms and laboratories require very high standards of cleaniless, so the doors need to be seamless and easy to keep clean. Laboratories use chemicals, so doors need to be resistant against chemicals such as chlorinated water and cleaning chemicals.

In this post, we’ll looked at the factors you should take into account when getting a pharmaceutical door. We’ll also summarise the different types of clean room doors.

Things to take into account when choosing a pharmaceutical door

Below are a few key considerations you should take into account when shopping for a pharmaceutical door.


If your premises houses a clean room, any door you choose will need to be fast-closing to protect your sterile laboratory environment. Obviously, the quicker the mechanism of your door, the less time your clean room will be exposed to the risk of dust, germs, bacteria and other contaminants. Doors should also be airtight when closed.

Easy to clean and maintain

Your doors will become part of your clean room and therefore will need to be kept as clean as possible and as easily as possible. Ideally, choose a door that is flush and with no protruding features, so that the door is easy to clean.


If your business is handling pharmaceuticals, you will likely need to keep your laboratory or storage areas at a certain temperature. As previously mentioned, a fast-closing door is a must but just as important is choosing one with a good level of insulation. Depending on your needs, it will help keep the warm or cold air out and obviously in turn keep your costs down by minimising energy loss. Your carbon footprint can also be improved by installing a well-insulated door.

Types of clean room doors

Below is a selection of clean room doors available that all manage all of the above concerns so that your pharmaceutical business can function effectively and give you peace of mind.

  • Infraca Clean Room Doors A main benefit of the Infraca clean room rapid roll-up doors is that they can be used to divide up work areas and section off the clean room area, thanks to the airlock system. It is specially designed for use in high traffic areas and features a hygienic design according to ISO 14644-1 standard and class 2 wind resistance.
  • Giesse Clean Room Doors Another option is the AUTO Pharma® hermetic high-speed doors by Giesse. These are airtight doors with a fast opening and closing mechanism, completely flush, with no protrusions. They do not need very much operating space and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they reach the highest possible standards.
  • Nergeco Clean Room Doors Nergeco provides innovative designs tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. The Nergeco R Labo 5 Clean Room Door offers a just-in-time opening, useful for reducing contamination as well as enhanced sealing and pressure resistance. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of your clean room, the multi-composite frames are smooth surfaced and weld-free. This door is built for durability, with the frame material being corrosion and paint free.


In this post, we’ve looked at the factors you should take into account when getting a pharmaceutical door. We’ve also summarised the different types of clean room doors. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!