What are collapsible grilles?

Security is a priority for most of our clients. We know how important it is to keep your premises secure. Rest assured that whether you need home security, office security or warehouse security, we’ve got you covered. We provide a variety of security options, including automatic barriers, roller shutters and cantilever gates.

In this post, however, we’re going to be discussing collapsible grilles, which are another security option. We’ll talk about what collapsible grilles are exactly, as well as when you’d use them.

What are collapsible grilles?

A grille is a grating or screen made of metal bars. They’re put in front of windows, doors and shop fronts to offer protection and security.

When a grille is collapsible, it means you can open and close it easily, which means you can get in and out.

What are the advantages of collapsible grilles?

The main advantage of a grille over a shutter is that you can see through grilles. For example, if you put a grille over your living room windows, then you’d still be able to see out and the sunlight can get in. As another example, if put a grille over a shop window, it means people can still do window shopping even when the shop is closed.

Another advantage of collapsible grilles is that they let the air in through your windows. This is good when you want fresh air in your office or home, for example.

Collapsible grilles can also be hidden away easily.

What is the difference between collapsible grilles and fixed grilles?

Collapsible grilles can be opened and closed easily. Fixed grilles, in contrast, can’t be opened. Fixed grilles are therefore used when security is the absolute priority.

When would you use a collapsible grille?

Collapsible grilles have a range of uses. These include:

  • Securing shop fronts when the shop is closed
  • Making homes more secure
  • Protecting offices from break-ins at nights and weekends
  • Preventing unauthorised people from entering buildings

Types of grille

Here at Norton, we offer a range of grilles, including static and sliding grilles.

Our sliding grilles are made of a series of pre-galvanised and powder coated rolled steel sections interlinked by steel bars on free-moving steel bushes. This creates a steel grid or trellis. We top hang the gate from a rolled steel carrier on steel bearings. Then we secure the gate at the bottom in a steel T-section bottom track.

Our grilles can be easily fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture. It can be specified in single-sash or double-sash configurations.

Single-sash versions stack either right or left of the opening as required.

In double-sash format, the gates stack equally on each side when open, and can be hinged to swing at 90° or 180° to the opening. The bottom steel track can also be hinged to stand alongside the stacked gates. In this case, we would use a U-section track.

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