What are high speed doors?

The world is moving at a faster and faster pace. Information now travels at near the speed of light around the globe. People expect to be able to watch movies at the click of a button, deliveries to arrive the same or next day, and messages to arrive instantly.

One way to keep up with this high-speed world is with high speed doors. In this post, we will be looking at high speed doors in detail.

What are high speed doors?

It’s very simple. High speed doors, as their name suggests, are doors that open and close very quickly. On average, high speed doors open at the speed of around 1 metre per second. This means that a high speed door that’s two metres high will take around two seconds to open. In comparison, a standard roller shutter door of the same size would take around eleven seconds to open.

What’s more, high speed doors come in all kinds of types. If it’s security you’re after, you can get a high-speed door made of aluminium. Aluminium is very strong and sturdy, thus preventing any intruders from getting in. Or if it’s speed and efficiency you’re after, you can get a high-speed PVC fabric door, which is light and economical.

Why would I need a high-speed door?

High speed doors have many advantages over other types of industrial door. Here are just a few.

  • Higher productivity. Because high speed doors open and close so quickly, workers can come and go quickly too, thereby increasing their productivity.
  • Environmental control. High speed doors are great for maintaining environmental conditions. They can prevent cold air from escaping industrial freezers, for example. They could also help prevent heat from escaping your premises in the winter, thus saving you from a high heating bill.
  • Reduce airborne contamination. High speed doors are also good at reducing the movement of airborne contaminants around premises. Furthermore, by using two high speed doors together, you can create a kind of airlock to really prevent dust and contaminants from moving from one area to another.
  • Easy to maintain. High speed doors are well-known as being easy to maintain. Any repairs can usually be done quickly, in fifteen minutes or less.

High speed doors by Action Shutters

After all the information we’ve given you, we bet you’re now ready to get your hands on a high-speed door.

If that’s the case, then come on down to Action Shutters. We have a range of high-speed doors to meet any purpose. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Here are just some of the features of our high speed doors:

  • Open and close at 1 meter per second
  • Up to 12 metres wide
  • Up to 10 metres high
  • Wind load tested to category
  • Detach at the seams in the events of a collision, thus avoiding injury or damage
  • Supplied with safety edges as standard
  • Supplied with photocells as standard
  • All safety systems comply with the current machinery directive standards

If you would like to know more about our range of high speed doors, then call us for a free quote!