Benefits and Uses of Automatic Barriers

Automatic barriers are a common sight at the entrance of car parks and restricted areas. That’s because they have several benefits and advantages, some of which we’ll explore in this post. If you want to know some of the uses and benefits of automatic barriers in more detail, read on!


Benefits of automatic barriers

The following are three of the main advantages of automatic barriers:

Cost-effective. Automatic barriers typically cost little to maintain. This means that once they’re installed on your premises, you can look forward to using them without worrying about ongoing costs. Indeed, businesses often save money by replacing their parking attendants with an automatic barrier. Significant ongoing costs can be eliminated at a stroke by replacing staff with a barrier.

Secure. One of the main benefits of automatic barriers is the security they offer since they’re essentially a physical barrier preventing unauthorised vehicles from entering your premises. A variety of extra security devices can also be installed, including CCTV, an intercom system, remote control access or a coded keypad.

Reliable. Automatic barriers are typically very reliable as there are few moving parts, which means little can go wrong. So you won’t have to worry about high maintenance costs or repair costs.


Uses of automatic barriers

When you think of automatic barriers, you might immediately think of their use in car parks, but automatic barriers are actually very versatile and can be adapted to many needs. Here are three uses of automatic barriers that you might not have thought of.

Control the flow of traffic. Sometimes you need to control the flow of traffic down a road or through your premises, particularly at times when traffic is high. For example, you might need to restrict traffic when multiple lanes merge into one, to help prevent collisions. In this case, automatic barriers can be very helpful and can even save lives. Several automatic barriers can even be programmed to work in unison to ensure only one vehicle is allowed to pass down a road at a time.  And they can even be used inside factory and warehouse buildings to control traffic and increase safety!

Keep track of vehicles entering your property. An interesting point about automatic barriers is that they require drivers to stop for a few seconds, which can give your security system enough time to take a good photo of the car or even scan the registration plate if you wish. By doing this, you can keep easily track of the people entering and leaving your premises.

Prevent unwarranted access to private properties. Automatic barriers don’t just have to control access to car parks – they can also prevent unwarranted access to other places too, such as private properties, private roads and private businesses.


Automatic barriers by Norton Industrial Doors

Here at Norton Industrial Doors, we create, sell, and install a variety of automatic barriers to suit all needs. We only use high-quality and durable materials to make our barriers, ensuring they withstand the test of time. Furthermore, our barriers are safe and smooth in operation.


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