How Industrial Doors Survived the Economic Crisis

The 2007-08 economic crisis had a major impact on the UK and the rest of the world. Nearly all types of industry were affected, including the industrial door industry. For example, did you know that the market for industrial doors in the UK fell by 20% after the crash?

Thankfully, however, the global economy has recovered well since then, and the same can also be said for the industrial door industry. In 2016, the number of industrial doors being made in the UK reached the same level as it was back in 2008. Now, in 2018, the industrial door market is stronger than ever before.

In this post, we’ll explain how the industrial door industry survived the economic crisis. We’ll also tell you how Norton can help to protect your company in the uncertain years to come.

How did the industrial door industry survive the economic crisis?

So how exactly did companies like Norton survive the crisis? The answer is that the UK will always need industrial doors, whether there’s a crisis or not. Companies in sectors such as transportation, aviation, food production all require industrial doors for their warehouses and factories, not to mention companies involved in logistics, retail and supply chains. Plus there’s been a huge growth in online retail over the last few years thanks to companies such as Amazon. These online retailers require huge warehouses which in turn require industrial-sized doors.

And of course, the industrial door industry couldn’t have recovered without people such as the employees here at Norton. Our employees worked hard and tirelessly throughout the crisis years, ensuring that Norton would still be here today. Thanks our staff and others, Norton and the industrial door industry is stronger than ever.

Is the UK set for another economic crisis?

There are some who predict another economic crisis just around the corner. While we don’t know what’s going to happen next, we do understand the value of industrial doors, and that there is no better time than now to invest in one. Ensure your company is ready for the next economic crisis by investing in an industrial door today!

How Norton can help you

While Norton unfortunately can’t prevent another global economic crisis from occurring, we can help UK businesses to secure themselves against other types of crises, such as theft, fire, and adverse weather.

In the event of a fire at your property, Norton’s fire rated roller shutters can help keep your employees, premises and stock safe. Check out our fire rated roller shutters by going to

If it’s break-ins to your property you’re worried about, then you can rest assured that all of our roller shutter doors have been designed with the utmost security in mind. Learn more about our range of roller shutter doors by going to

Norton can also help to protect your property against adverse weather such as rain, wind, cold, heat, and even hurricanes. Our insulated roller shutters are designed to keep out the heat during the summer and the cold during the winter. What’s more, many of our industrial roller shutter doors have been designed to withstand wind speeds as high as hurricane level.

If you’re interested in our range of industrial doors and want to find out more, simply call us on 0121 327 7775 for a chat. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!