Seven Benefits of Domestic Security Shutters

When people think of security shutters, they usually think of shutters for shops and businesses, not homes. While it’s true that security grilles are usually used to protect storefronts, they’re also useful for protecting houses as well. Read on to find out the benefits of domestic security shutters.

1. Increased security

The main advantage of domestic security shutters is increased safety and security. All security shutters are designed to withstand a range of attacks, including attempted break-ins and vandalism. So by installing security shutters, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your house is well-protected against intruders and burglars.

Another point worth making is that the sight alone of security shutters is enough to deter most thieves from trying to break in. Burglars usually look for easy targets, so the simple fact that a house has security shutters is already a strong deterrent against thieves and burglars.

2. Protection against broken windows

Security shutters can prevent your windows from getting broken. If a stray cricket ball hits your window, it will likely just bounce off if you have security shutters installed.

3. Lower the cost of your home insurance

If you have home insurance, then you’ll be interested to know that security shutters could lower your insurance premiums. Ask your insurance company if this is something they do. It doesn’t hurt to ask since many insurance companies do offer lower premiums for homes that have security shutters installed.

4. Noise reduction

People don’t usually have noise reduction in mind when buying security shutters for their home, but it’s true that some shutters can reduce the amount of noise entering your house. So if you work from home and need to block out the distracting noises outside, or if you just want some peace and quiet in the evenings, then consider installing roller security shutters onto your premises.

5. Increased insulation

Some security shutters have insulation properties that can help to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means you could save on your heating bill by installing roller shutters onto your windows.

6. Increased privacy

Security shutters also have the added benefit of making it harder for people to see inside your home. So if you’re tired of neighbours or passers-by peering through your windows, then security shutters could be for you. Once they’re installed, all you need to do is close the shutters and you’ll instantly have more privacy in your home.

7. Increased protection against fire

Did you know that fire often spreads through windows? What happens during a fire is heat causes windows to shatter, which allows hot embers to pass through and spread the fire. Roller shutters can strengthen windows and thus prevent windows from shattering. Of course, however, no roller shutter is completely fire-proof. Look for roller shutters that are described as “fire rated” as these will provide the best protection against fire.

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