How to solve 6 common warehouse problems

To an outsider, the task of running a warehouse can seem deceptively easy. All you have to do is store things on shelves until they’re needed, right?

Ha – if only things were that simple! Warehouses are in fact notoriously difficult to run. They create unique challenges that can cause a lot of headaches.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems encountered by warehouse operatives today. We’ll also suggest solutions.

1. Missing inventory

Missing inventory is one of the most common problems in warehouses. Imagine the scenario: a warehouse worker goes to a location to retrieve a product. However, when they get there, there’s no inventory left! The worker would have to look around to see if the product is somewhere else, which can waste a lot of time and effort.

If missing inventory is troubling your business, why not try a warehouse execution system (WES)? A WES makes it easier to track inventory and can be better than using manual processes.

2. Surplus inventory

From time to time, workers will go to a location to store a product only to find that the location is already full. This problem is often due to poor tracking of inventory, which can be solved with a WES.

3. Picking errors

Humans are fallible and make mistakes. In a warehouse, for example, a worker might pick the wrong product by mistake. Often, no one notices the mistake until the product reaches the customer, at which point in the customer makes a complaint and sends the product back.

Warehouse automation can help with this problem, by automating the picking process. Another way to solve this problem is with data entry and reading technologies, which allow workers to scan products to make sure that they have the right ones.

4. Poor layout

Sometimes the layout of a warehouse is less than ideal. Popular products might be stored at the back of the warehouse, for example, while less popular ones are stored at the front. Clearly, this isn’t the way to go about it. It’s best to put the most frequently picked on items near the front of the warehouse to minimize the distance your workers have to travel.

5. Product damage

Another big issue to watch out for is product damage. Sometimes workers drop things accidentally, which isn’t good because the customer is not going to be happy.

However, nowadays there are lots of solutions to minimize product damage. Modern racking and pallet flow systems can move items around more carefully than older technology. Zero pressure systems can even be used to keep items separate and prevent damage.

6. Poor security

Warehouses are often the targets of thieves, drawn to all the expensive goods sitting under one roof. That’s why security is paramount for warehouses.

One way to increase the security of a warehouse is to use high-quality industrial doors, such as the ones supplied by Norton. We specialize in strong and durable doors for warehouses, including roller shutters, high speed doors, steel doors and more.


That’s it for this month. We hope now you’re more confident about fixing common warehouse problems. If you’d like to know more about how Norton’s industrial doors can help you and your warehouse, then simply contact us for a free survey and quote!