10 reasons to use industrial doors

Thinking about getting an industrial door? If you’re still undecided, read on for ten reasons to buy an industrial door.

1. For security

Industrial doors are great for security. In fact, security is probably the number one reason businesses get industrial doors.

Why are industrial doors so great for security? It comes down to the fact that they’re made from steel. Steel is a hard metal and incredibly strong when used for industrial doors. It makes industrial doors a tough barrier for thieves to get through.

2. As a Deterrent

Industrial doors not only provide a physical barrier against trespassers; they also act as a visual deterrent too. They send the message that your building is secure and protect, thereby deterring thieves from attempting a break-in in the first place.

3. To protect your building from the weather

Industrial doors can keep out the rain and wind, thereby protecting the equipment and goods inside your building from the elements.

4. To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature

Industrial doors can also help to keep your premises at a comfortable temperature. They do this by keeping the heat out during the summer and the heat in during the winter. This is not only useful for temperature-controlled environments, but it also makes the working environment more pleasant or your employees.

Also, many doors are available with insulation materials built-in, improving their insulation abilities further.

5. To protect your premises against fire

In the unlikely event of a fire, industrial doors can help to contain the fire and stop it from spreading. Industrial doors, being made of metal, are much better at containing fires than traditional wooden doors.

What’s more, some industrial doors offer special fire-retardant properties. Check out our range of fire-rated shutter for more information.

6. As a soundproofing measure

Industrial doors can help to block noise and soundproof parts of your premises.

7. To increase space

Roller shutter doors open upwards rather than outwards. This can really save space compared to traditional doors. Loading and unloading can be done right next to the door, which allows goods to be loaded more efficiently.

8. To send the right message to your clients

Industrial doors look professional and they give the message that your business is professional too. What’s more, industrial doors can be powder coated so their colours match your brand.

9. As an investment

Although industrial doors might seem like a big cost in the short term, they pay for themselves in the long-term. Thanks to their size, strength and long lifespan, they can cost less over the long-term than traditional doors.

10. As a safety measure

Industrial doors are very safe since they come with safety features such as anti-fall brakes and safety edges. So your employees will be better protected.


In this article, we’ve gone over the reasons to buy an industrial door. Don’t forget too that modern industrial doors are easy to use. Whether you choose a manual system or a power-operated system, the process of opening and closing industrial doors is fast and straightforward.

If you’re interested in getting an industrial door for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!