Six benefits of high-speed doors

High-speed doors open and close quickly (at a speed of around one metre per second).

They’re great for warehouses, factories and commercial premises. Their ability to open and close quickly gives several benefits that other types of door don’t.

In this post, we’ll look at six benefits of high-speed doors.

1. Reduce your heating bills

Heating a large building can cost thousands of pounds a year.

One of the main places heat escapes from a building during the winter is through open doors.

This is where high-speed doors come in. High-speed doors are great at reducing heat loss. Because these doors are open for just a few seconds, the amount of heat escaping is minimal.

Also, high-speed doors have a seal on all four sides. The seal minimises heat loss even when the door is closed.

All in all, this means a lower heating bill!

2. Reduce your air conditioning bills

As we mentioned, it’s expensive to heat a large building in the winter. However, the same is true for keeping the building cool in the summer.

High-speed doors can help here too. By keeping cool air inside your building and hot air out, you can lower your air conditioning bills.

What’s more, the ability of high-speed doors to stop cold from escaping makes them ideal for industrial freezers and refrigerators.

3. Greater productivity

Because high-speed doors open and close so quickly, they make your business more productive. Employees can pass through the doors in a matter of moments instead of having to wait for doors to open. This can in turn make your business more profitable.

You might think that a few seconds saved won’t make a difference, but those seconds do add up. If you have employees coming and going all the time, you could save hundreds of man-hours in the long run with a high-speed door.

4. Higher security

High-speed doors have great security thanks to their ability to open and close so quickly. Because they’re only open for a few moments, it makes it harder for an intruder to enter.

5. Easy to maintain

High-speed doors are easy to maintain because they have so few moving parts. Repairs often take just 15 minutes or less.

6. Safety

High-speed doors can keep your employees safe. For example, they can reduce the movement of corrosive or noxious gases from one area to another.

Many businesses use high-speed doors to control airflow. These doors are great at preventing dust and other airborne debris from moving around your premises. By placing high-speed doors near dusty environments, you can dramatically decrease the number of fine particles that move around.


It’s clear to see that high-speed doors have numerous benefits. These benefits make high-speed doors one of our favourite types of industrial door.

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