Six ways to keep warehouses cool in the summer

Believe it or not, Britain can get hot in the summer.

Three years ago, for example, the UK had a heatwave where the highest temperature was 35.3 °C. In case you don’t remember, it caused widespread drought, hosepipe bans, crop failures, and a number of wildfires.

This year, another heatwave is expected, with highs reaching 32°C.

Hot weather can be a major problem for warehouses. Staff can get tired, affecting productivity and morale. Heat can also damage stock and machinery.

With global warming pushing temperatures up further, there has never been a better time for warehouse owners to consider ways to keep their buildings cool.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways to keep warehouses cool in the summer.

1. Air conditioning

Air conditioning is the obvious way to keep a building cool. An air conditioning unit will remove heat and control the humidity of the air, making the space more comfortable to work in.

However, in some cases, it’s either practically or economically impossible to install air conditioning. These situations include the following:

  • When the facility isn’t insulated
  • When there are large doors that must be frequently opened
  • When the dehydrating effects of air conditioning are an issue
  • When the warehouse is open to the elements, meaning cooled air can’t be contained

Installing air conditioning may not be feasible for every warehouse, but don’t worry, because there are alternatives.

2. Keep doors open

The general advice is to keep doors closed if you have air conditioning.

However, if you don’t have air conditioning, then it may make more sense to keep your warehouse doors open instead.

Keeping doors open allows breezes from outside to enter, and this can help keep a warehouse cool.

3. Use insulated curtains

Some parts of your warehouse may be particularly hot, such as areas with heat-generating equipment. If you can’t cool these areas, then at least you can segment these areas off with insulated curtains so they don’t raise the temperatures throughout the facility.

4. Turn off heat sources

Machines generate heat, which can add up and make your warehouse hot. So an easy way to reduce heat is to turn off machines that aren’t being used.

Even doing something like turning off your computers for the night will help cut down on heat being generated, even if it’s just a little.

5. Use insulation

You might think insulation is only good for keeping warehouses warm, but insulation can also be good for keeping warehouses cool too.

In the winter, insulation prevents heat from escaping a building. But in summer, insulation works the other way around by preventing heat from entering your building.

Insulation is great for lowering your energy bills and it also provides acoustic benefits too. It’s definitely worth checking out.

6. Close operations during the afternoon

The hottest part of the day is the afternoon, so it can make sense to close your warehouse during this time of the day and have people work in the mornings or evenings instead. Obviously, this isn’t feasible for everyone, but when you can do it, it’s a cooler situation for everyone involved.

So if nothing else works, then do what the Spanish do: take a siesta.


Following these tips will help warehouse owners stay on top of heat during summer and keep productivity levels high.

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