Things to consider when buying a garage door

Buying a new garage door is a major purchase and generally one you will probably only make once or twice as a homeowner. It can therefore feel daunting and even overwhelming when choosing the perfect garage door and finding someone reliable to install it for you.

Here are a few of the things we suggest you consider when choosing your new garage door.


As you may have discovered from your initial research, garage doors can be constructed from a range of different materials. Each of these materials has its advantages, depending on what you want from your garage door.

See below for a summary of each material:

  • Steel doors tend to be the most sturdy, are easy to maintain and are very well insulated.
  • Vinyl doors are as easy to maintain as steel but are a more affordable option.
  • Glass doors provide a modern look that allows light into your garage interior.
  • Wood doors are usually considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fibreglass doors can be made to look like wood but require less maintenance.


There are many factors to consider when you start choosing the style of your new door. The main style options include roller shutter garage doors, up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors and side hinged garage doors. Any of these options can also be automated if you choose.

Automated garage doors allow you to open your garage as you arrive home, without leaving the comfort of your car. This can be especially useful if you have shopping or items in your car because it allows you to transfer them with ease and privacy.

Automated doors also provide you with added security, always keeping you and your family safe.

Choosing a style of the actual door involves considering both what can be managed within your budget and complements the look of your home.


Windows can keep the interior of your garage light and they can look pleasing from the outside. Things to bear in mind with windows are that they can sometimes create more upkeep and maintenance and, in some settings, create a security risk. Allowing too much sunlight into your garage via windows can also affect the internal temperature so consider what you use your garage for and what is stored inside.


Automated garage doors are the most secure option and you can also add some extra locks for some extra peace of mind if you choose to do so. These will ensure that the door cannot be forced open from the outside.

As an additional security measure, you could add some lights to the outside of your garage or garden because driveways tend to be dark so lighting driveways up can often deter thieves.


All garage doors can be customised to meet your preferences, style and budget. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.