Which dock leveller is best for your warehouse?

Dock levellers are essential in bridging the height difference between docked vehicles and the loading bays. They make the process of transferring goods between bay and lorry safer and easier for everyone involved.

Dock levellers are available in a wide range of sizes and load capacities. In this post, we’ll go over the main options available.

Telescopic Lip or Swing Lip?

Swing lip dock levellers provide a robust product with excellent safety for transferring goods. They are easy to operate and are a good match for a warehouse with standard-sized vehicles. Some manufacturers even make self-cleaning models of swing lip dock levellers now.

Telescopic lip levellers provide a large contact area between the leveller and the vehicle and can therefore be positioned more precisely for a smoother and safer operation. They usually have long lifespans and low maintenance.

Manual or Automatic?

As suggested by the names, automatic dock levellers are powered, so they provide excellent efficiency, safety and ease of use. Manual dock levellers are therefore a more economical option because they are not powered. This may also make them a more reliable option.


Depending on your warehouse and its layout, you will usually have a choice of installing your dock leveller in traditional pit mounting, suspended or box style.

With traditional pit mounting, the dock leveller is welded into a solid pit base. Suspended dock levellers can be used to replace existing levellers or in new build projects. Here, the leveller is suspended from the top edge so that the underside is clear for vehicle access.

The box style levellers are easy to install into existing buildings. You will require an oversized pit with a flat base. Once the leveller is in place, concrete is poured around it.

We can provide a range of robust and reliable dock levellers to meet your budget across many leading UK manufacturers. We are usually able to offer a fast turnaround, even of products built to your requirements.

Other accessories

We are also able to supply a range of other dock levelling accessories such as dock loading bumpers and shelters.

Dock loading bumpers

Rubber dock bumpers protect your loading dock from reversing vehicles. They are usually attached using a backplate and reinforced by a front plate. The other alternative is nylon dock bumpers. These have a large impact area and can move freely up and down the backplate. Nylon dock bumpers are generally easier to replace.

Dock shelters

Dock shelters can be made to accommodate a wide range of vehicles. They are durable, waterproof and anti-tear. We can make them to fit your unique loading bay but there are also standard sizes available if you wanted something a bit quicker.

Dock shelters can be inflatable or retractable and offer excellent protection and security, whilst also lowering your carbon footprint.


Dock levelers come in lots of different types. If you’re interested in getting a dock leveler, then give us a call!