What are insulated roller shutter doors?

There’s no doubt about it – roller shutter doors are one of the best industrial doors available. They’re strong, reliable, and take up very little space when open.

But what if you want your roller shutter door to be insulated – is that possible?

The answer is yes. In fact, here at Norton, we sell a range of insulated roller shutter doors, in all the colours and sizes you’d ever need.

Keep reading, as this month we’ll be discussing insulated roller shutters in more detail.

What is an insulated roller shutter door?

Roller shutter doors are a type of door that rolls up to open and down to close. They make a great option when space is at a premium because they take up little room. They’re also very strong, which means they make excellent barriers against trespassers.

Typically, however, roller shutter doors don’t provide a lot of insulation. For that, you’d normally be better off going with a sectional door or a sliding panel door.

That said, nowadays insulated roller shutters are available. These provide the insulation benefits of thicker doors while still maintaining the advantage of roller shutters.

Our own range of insulated roller shutters provides an insulation value of 0.69 W/M.sq.k, which is excellent for an industrial door. What’s more, they have acoustic insulation of around 18 decibels – perfect to prevent noise from becoming a nuisance.

What are the benefits of insulated doors?

Insulation is wonderful because it has so many benefits. The first thing that you’ll probably think of is that insulation keeps buildings warm during the winter. This is true, and it’s why insulation can help reduce your heating bill. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Insulation also keeps your building cool in the summer, because it prevents heat from entering. What’s more, insulation can also help prevent noise from passing through the walls of your building, which can reduce noise pollution around your site.

So, in summary, the beenfits of insulated doors are:

  • Reduce your heating bill in the winter while still keeping your employees warm
  • Reduce your air conditioning bill in the summer
  • Reduce noise pollution

What if I want an insulated roller shutter door that opens quickly – do you sell those?

Yes, we sell high-speed insulated roller shutter doors for high traffic environments. We think you’ll be more than happy with as it’s everything you’ll ever need all in one door – security, speed, safety and insulation. Find out more about our range of high speed doors at https://nortonindustrialdoors.co.uk/high-speed-doors/.


If you’re interested in purchasing an insulated roller shutter door, then look no further than Norton. We’ve been manufacturing, installing and maintaining industrial doors since 1984. We operate all over the UK and are one of the largest and most successful industrial doors specialists in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

If you’d like to know more about our range of insulated roller shutters, then visit https://nortonindustrialdoors.co.uk/insulated-roller-shutters/ or call us on 0121 752 2765. We’d love to hear from you!