What are sectional doors?

There’s a huge variety of shutters and doors. Fire-rated shutters, insulated shutters, single panel doors, steel doors, sliding doors… the list goes on.

But in this post, we’ll be discussing one specific type of door: the sectional door.

What is a sectional door?

Sectional doors are made up of sections, hence the name. They’re unlike single panel doors, which are made of just a single panel.

The sections of a sectional door are connected together with hinges that allow the door to bend and follow a curved path as it opens and closes. The door usually opens and closes vertically, with the sections retracting back into the roof.

Sectional doors are ideal for places with reduced headroom because they take up little space.

Where are sectional doors used?

Sectional doors are used in lots of places – warehouses, factories and commercial premises, to name a few.

But the place where sectional doors are used the most is garages. In fact, the vast majority of garage doors installed today are sectional doors. These are doors with four or five horizontal panels joined together.

Advantages of sectional doors

Sectional doors have several advantages over other types of doors such as single panel doors. Here are the main advantages.

Practical. Sectional doors open upwards rather than outwards. This means there is no ‘swing-out’, which lets vehicles park right up against the door or for workers to pile stock next to the door, making it easier to load goods. In short, sectional doors help maximise space, particularly in loading and vehicle docking bays.

Secure. Sectional doors are extremely secure. The lack of penetration points means it is almost impossible for intruders to gain a pivot point to prise the door open.

Insulation. Many sectional doors have high insulation and weather-protection properties. The insulated sectional doors we sell, for example, provide heat and sound insulation.

Flexible. Because sectional doors don’t swing outwards or to the side, it is much easier to install a sectional garage door than a single panel door. So if you have an unusual garage – one with a very low clearing, for example – then a sectional door could be the solution.

Easy to maintain. Sectional doors aren’t hard to maintain. Lubrication once a year should be enough to keep them working properly.


Sectional doors are a great type of industrial door. They’re popular because they’re affordable, efficient and easy to open and close. What’s more, they’re easy to maintain. You can’t really go wrong with them!

Sectional doors by Norton

If you want to buy a sectional door, then look no further. Here at Norton, we make and supply a large range of sectional doors for every purpose.

Our sectional doors can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial premises. What’s more, our sectional doors can be supplied with safety edges and photocells if automatic (impulse) close is required. All safety systems comply with the current machinery directive standards.

To find out more about our sectional doors, go to nortonindustrialdoors.co.uk/sectional-doors or call us on 0121 752 9067.