Three ways to keep a warehouse warm in winter

It’s January and cold. People across England are turning up their thermostats, putting on an extra jumper and waiting for Spring to come back around.

And warehouses get cold too, of course. Warehouses are very hard to heat because of how large they are and the fact they’re mostly empty space.

The main problem with a cold warehouse is the effect on the working conditions and staff morale. No-one likes to work in the cold. It’s unpleasant for everyone.

But the good news is there are ways to ways to make your warehouse warmer this winter and thereby increase the happiness and productivity of your staff.

1. Insulate

When trying to keep a warehouse warm, one of the first things to consider is insulation.

Insulation – whether it’s of the building’s walls, roof or doors – is an effective way to improve a building’s energy efficiency. What’s more, once the building is insulated, you should see your heating bills go down too. Insulation can even save you money in the long run because the savings to your heating bill will eventually offset the cost of installing the insulation.

While we can’t help you with roof and wall insulation, what we can supply you with are our insulated roller shutter doors. These doors combine functionality, security and affordability while reducing your heating costs.

Our insulated doors have an excellent insulation value of 0.69 W/M.sq.k, as well as an acoustic insulation value of 18 decibels.

If you’d like to know more, go to

2. Close your doors

Another way to prevent heat from escaping from a warehouse is to keep the doors closed as much as possible. This way, the heat cannot physically escape the building.

Of course, in a busy warehouse with products and vehicles going in and out all the time, keeping the doors closed isn’t really an option.

That said, you can minimise the time your door is open with a high-speed door. These doors open and close faster than normal industrial doors – typically 50 to 100 cm per second.

You can even get a high-speed door equipped with sensors so it opens and closes automatically.

Here at Norton, we offer a high-speed version of our insulated roller shutter door, which provides great security and insulation and also operates at a speed of 50 cm per second.

3. Look for draughts

You can insulate a warehouse all you want but if there are draughts, you’ll still be losing heat to the outside.

One of the common places where draughts occur is at doors and windows. Look for gaps between the door/window and the frame. If you find any gaps, then it’s likely the heat is escaping.

If you have gaps between an industrial door and its frame, it might be time to get the door maintained, or to invest in a new door that will keep the warmth in better.


In this post, we’ve looked at ways to make your warehouse warmer this winter. If you’re interested in any of the products we’ve mentioned give us a call on 0121 752 2927. We promise we’ll give you a ‘warm’ reception!